AMAC2013 Hailed a Huge Success

After 9 months of planning, calling, budgeting, promoting we held our collective breath as it all came together. Solid attendances at the Saturday professional development sessions, orderly set up, no panic, no lost pallets, laid back cocktails by the pool, and a few drinks in the after-party lounge with some music and then bang! Sunday hit – queues at registration, great retailer roll up as the suppliers unveiled their compact but innovative use of exhibition stand space. Over 500 industry bods in one place for the first trade show in 3 years. 300 retailers circulating through a modest 30 odd supplier stands – but were they busy! Hal Leonard’s Richard Snape said “we’ve never been that busy at a trade show, ever!” Hot Half Hour sessions explored the internet issues, social media, selling online, weekend warriors, and much more. The dinner sat over 250 people who saw some outstanding performances from students to pros, they saw Glenn Dodson recognised for all his hard work for the industry over almost forty years, and they kicked on at the after-party. Monday, though not as frantic as Sunday was steady and put the icing on the exhibitor’s cake. Our keynote speaker, Chip Averwater shared anecdotes and history with Bernie Capicchiano for over 100 at breakfast, while Heath Michael of the ARA talked election issues for retailers. Facebook post from The Bass Place – “great show!”
AMAC is back, and it’s good to have it back. We’ll do our best to build the quality of this event, while providing value for money for all who take advantage of it.
See everyone at Jupiters on the Gold Coast August 9-11, 2014