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D’Addario Australia Partners With Fenech Guitars

22nd March 2023

D’Addario Australia, one of Australia’s leading music products distributors, has announced a partnership Fenech Guitars, a growing Gold Coast-based producer of high end guitars. D’Addario will be the exclusive sales agent in Australia, effective 1st April 2023.

“Fenech Guitars have gained recognition as being some of the finest guitars available today” said Mark Inglese, General Manager of D’Addario Australia, in the company’s announcement. “Their precision & attention to detail in every aspect of guitar making has resulted in guitars which have become renowned for delivering exceptional volume, tone & playability. D’Addario Australia is very proud to partner with Fenech Guitars and is looking forward to growing the
brand’s presence in Australia into the future.”

“We are proud to partner with D’Addario Australia and we very much look forward to working with them” said an announcement on social media from Fenech Guitars. “Now we must get back to saw dust, chisels, and doing what we absolutely love…… making the very best acoustic guitars!”

D’Addario Australia and Fenech Guitars are AMA members.


AMA Honours Decades of Service

9th March, 2023

The Australian Music Association has presented awards to Rob Walker and Greg Phillips at a special industry reception, held at the Melbourne Guitar Show. These are rarely presented, only for individuals that have made a significant long-term contribution to the music products industry, and this was the first award presentation since 2019. Continue reading

Melbourne Guitar Show Evaluation

We are thoroughly evaluating the 2023 Melbourne Guitar Show in order to make improvements, respond to the needs of exhibitors, attendees and musicians, and clarify the purpose and direction of the show.

Exhibitors: please complete this survey

There is also a public survey and musicians survey.

We will also be looking at ticketing, social media, media and other data to assess the success and potential of the show.

If you would like to discuss this, contact Alex.