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Migration Strategy

16th April 2024

If you have attempted to bring a skilled worker into Australia, or intend to, the AMA could use your feedback. The Federal Government is consulting on its Migration Strategy, which includes a list of professions that are ‘on’ or ‘off’ the list. Continue reading

The Pernambuco Dilemma

15th April 2024

Pernambuco, the Brazilian wood used in bows for stringed instruments, was the hottest topic affecting our industry at the last CITES Conference of the Parties in 2022. At that time, Brazil was proposing to list the species in Appendix I, the highest level of protection, we know it as the place where Brazilian Rosewood and Ivory are listed for protection. Continue reading

Angus Marshall Appointed to AMA Board

9th April 2024

Last month Mark Amory left the AMA board after a long period of service to the association. According to the AMA’s constitution, board members hold their positon as a representative of a member company and therefore vacate that position when they leave that employer.

Angus Marshall, recently appointed as Interim General Manager, Fender Music Australia, accepted a nomination to fill the casual vacancy and was elected by a vote of the board on Friday 5th April. Continue reading