Bernie Capicchiano Receives Oral History Award at NAMM

The proprietor of Bernie’s Musicland, and past president Bernie Capicchiano was recognized at the NAMM Show for his industry service, in particular to the NAMM Oral History program, with the 2018 NAMM Oral History Service Award. NAMM CEO and president, Joe Lamond and NAMM’s Music Historian, Dan Del Fiorentino, presented Bernie with his award during the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Bernie was instrumental in researching and arranging interviews for this important archive that highlights the important history of the Australian Music Industry over the last 40 years. Dan Del Fiorentino said “Bernie’s devotion and passion for the Australian music industry has been key ingredient in the expansion of the NAMM Oral History collection.  Thanks to Bernie’s help we have been able to capture over 50 video interviews of Australian industry people and add their stories to our library. We couldn’t have done it without Bernie’s help.”

And from Bernie:

AMA …Big thank you.
In August and September 2017 many of us were fortunate to meet and host NAMM Historian Mr Dan Del Fiorentino with his wonderful wife Suzanne. In the two weeks that they visited Australia, they conducted interviews in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney. The interviews form part of the NAMM Global Oral History program that now has over 3000 interviews in its collection. Taking up to one hour each, the interviews capture stories of how key people in the Music Products Industry were inspired and how they were able to do what they have done. In all 50 interviews were conducted in Australia. Snippets can be viewed on the NAMM website and gradually fuller interviews will become available. A list of those interviewed is on the AMA (and Bernies Music Land) website.
The idea of the interviews began at a visit to NAMM headquarters in Carlsbad California in January 2016. Dan first interviewed me in 2014 as part of the 80 years of Hammond Organs (I am not that old!!). To see the NAMM Museum and meet with him had been a goal ever since. Rob Walker and Dom Disisto were also at Carlsbad on the day and the fellowship at lunch with NAMM CEO Joe Lamond sparked the idea even more. What evolved was that with the AMA celebrating 40 years in 2017, a wonderful way to recognise many of the amazing contributors would be their participation in Oral History Interviews. The response was sensational. We had hoped for 30 to 40 interviews and finished up with 50. The cross section was wide throughout the Australian scene. Professors, composers, International Musicians, demonstrators, Publishers, Technicians, Importers, Distributors, Retailers, and key sales people.
The project was a great success and would not have happened without the eagerness of the interviewees, the support of the AMA President and committee, the dedication of Rob Walker to work with the candidate list and appointment attendance in Sydney, the support of the Bernies Music Land team, inspiration from Jon Hammond, the accommodation at the venues in Melbourne, Gold Coast and Sydney and most importantly the patience and professionalism from Dan and Suzanne. A big note of thanks and congratulations to all involved.
In January I travelled to Anaheim to receive the NAMM 2018 Oral History and Services Award presented at the Show breakfast on January 26. The video presentation, the trophy and the opportunity to verbally thank all those involved was truly a career highlight for me. Accordingly, may I again say a big thank you for the support here in Australia that led to that Award.
Yours Gratefully…Bernie Capicchiano. FAMI (dip). CPM. ANZM.

The full press release can be viewed here March e-news Press release Bernie NAMM Oral History Award