CITES Update

11th July 2022

For: manufacturers & importers of wood products

Summary: The next Conference of the Parties for CITES will take place from 14-25 November, 2022. The AMA is part of an international network that monitors impacts of CITES decisions on music products. Below is an update on several items on the agenda for this year.

As a signatory to CITES treaties, decisions made at the CoP apply here in Australia, but there are some complications in the way Australia interacts with CITES. Firstly, some native species are protected in Australia but not listed as protected in this context; secondly, one of the key developments in music advocacy around CITES has been Musical Instrument Certificates, but Australia has not implemented a system of Musical Instrument Certificates.


Proposed for Appendix II with Annotation #17 – This would require permits for logs, sawn wood, veneer sheets, plywood and transformed wood.

Handroanthus spp., Roseodendron spp., Tabebuia spp., Afzelia spp., Pterocarpus spp., Khaya spp.

Proposed for Removal from Appendix II

Dalbergia sissoo

Proposed for Appendix I, with Annotation – This would impose new restrictions on commercial trade and require permits to travel with bows made from Pernambuco

Paubrasilia echinata

We also anticipate key discussions will include a U.S. proposal to improve the Musical Instrument Certificate through simplified procedures and e-permitting, as well as policy decisions related to the Annotation #15 that pertains to rosewood.