Consumer Beware if Buying Rosewood Overseas – CITES (Rosewood Trade) Update

Our industry, like many globally are dealing with the impact of the CITES ruling on the trade of rosewood. While supporting moves to protect the specis, for many the administrative and financial implications are numerous.

Interestingly, In a recent ruling by the Department of Energy and the Environment, private purchases of instrument containing rosewood are deemed as ‘commercial’ transactions and therefore subject to the same regulations as other imports and exports. It would be fair to suggest that ‘private’ purchases may have been absolved from the need for export certificates, as they could be considered for household or personal use, or been caught where a personal instrument containing under the 10kg of rosewood which was designed for travelling musicians carrying their personal instruments.

If this is the case the consumer will need to be vigilant when ordering from overseas, as goods may be held at point of entry.

The need for a streamlined Import Permit process is urgent, as inventory cannot be shipped without one being obtained, causing delays for retailers and customers.

Updated Industry Advisory
The Industry Advisory issued by the Department of Energy and Environment is available at this link