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Wolf Guitars Australia WLP-750T
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Wolf Guitars Australia

An obsession for sound, beauty and enhanced playing experience.

Wolf Guitars Australia has a proud heritage that dates back to 1994.
Here at Wolf Guitars Australia, we fuse state of the art machining and traditional, handcrafted guitar construction with experienced luthier-guided precision, innovation and cutting edge experimentation.

In addition to this we source stunning tone woods from around the globe in a thoughtful, considered and sustainable manner to bring enhanced resonance, sustain and warmth to our gorgeous electric, semi-acoustic and bass guitars.

We are also integrating new and exciting materials with vintage and modern components to bring you tone and playability that pushes the limits of sonic possibility.

Wolf Guitars Australia produce all of the electric guitar styles you know and love and then some with the inclusion of the Wolf Custom Den where you can create your own altered beast.

Wolf Guitars Australia Luthiers pride themselves on attention to detail in fretwork, levelling, dressing, crowning and polishing which makes our guitars an absolute joy to play and listen to.

Whether it’s screaming solos, moody blues, crystal clear tones, growling metal or total shred, there is a Wolf here in the Wolf Den for you.

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Wolf Guitars Australia
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Electric guitars and accessories
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