Does your POS system use the 3G network?

6th June 2024

The spectrum allocated to the 3G mobile cellular network is being reallocated to the faster 4G and 5G networks, and therefore 3G will soon be closed. Along with certain mobile phones and other devices, some POS terminals still use the 3G network and will become redundant.

According to the Australian Payments Network, “there is still some concern from the payments industry that some merchants may not be ready for the closure of the 3G network. Unfortunately, if a merchant is using a 3G POS device to accept payments, they will most likely need to physically upgrade (swap out the device for a new one) to ensure it has a 4G modem. Many merchants may have already done this, but some may not have completed the necessary work in preparation for the closure of the 3G network.”

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Read more about the 3G closure from the Australian Payments Network and Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association |