Executive Officer Update – October 2023

27th October 2023

I have spent some time out and about, meeting members and other friends of the AMA. Last wednesday I attended the COSBOA Council Day, the AMA is an active member of this peak body for small business associations. I caught up with CEO Luke Achterstraat, a leading advocate for small business in Australia and a guitarist who loves to go to his local music store.

One of my favourite parts of the job is visiting members and catching up for a chat, which I have done recently at Entech (including NAS, below left), in Canberra and Brisbane (including Riffs & Licks, below right), and about a dozen members members gathered for a drink after the recent AGM.

Meeting a wide range of members and other partners and stakeholders all over the country is a long process and I am hoping to meet all of our members some time.

Back at my desk, there is a lot happening including the regular AMA work and projects, some new initiatives, recently I have been looking into training issues and potential solutions, the new ACCC Sustainability Claims draft guidelines, and much more.

As you can see, we are taking some time before the next Melbourne Guitar Show and there is some ‘behind the scenes’ work happening now. I am always happy to talk about the show if you have any feedback or suggestions.

– Alex Masso, Executive Officer