Acoustic & Acoustic-Electric Guitars

Observations (2022)

  • Units were down in the first half of 2022, but returned to average quarterly imports in the second half of the year.
  • Total Value is also down on the previous year but the annual total came in only slightly below the average over four years.
  • The greatest proportional increase came from Spain (+126% Units, +107% Value), the greatest decline came from China (-43% Units, -24% Value)

Outliers & Data Issues

  • AUV from countries with < 100 units per annum is high, $2319 in 2022, similar to 2020 but 150% higher than 2021.These countries represent 0.06% of units, 1.14% of value.
  • India typically has a very low AUV ($10) but had only two units in 2022, $3556 and $1086.
  • These these outliers all represent < 2% of total value