Ask your local music store when buying a musical instrument

  • Your music teacher will often recommend brands or models?  If they do, ask them why they recommend these brands so you can make an informed decision when you visit the music store to buy.
  • Check out the options for rental, rent to buy or a straight out buy.  If the instrument may not get used for long, then you may consider a rental option.  Alternatively, there may be a great deal if you buy outright on the day.
  • Can the store also maintain and service the instrument?
  • Is there a practice or demonstration room in the shop, so you can try it out first?
  • Does the instrument get checked over and/or set up before you take it home?  This will make sure the instrument is playable to its full potential from day one.
  • If you don’t have a teacher:  Does the store have a school or connections with teachers in the area?  Or can they recommend some teach yourself DVDs?
  • What sort of guarantee does the instrument have?  Most instruments from reputable brands are well made and have been extensively checked before leaving the factory, but a guarantee ensures peace of mind.
  • In the box there will be a guarantee card from the manufacturer or distributor.  Make sure to fill that out and return it as directed.
  • Make sure that the full details of the instrument, including serial number, are on the receipt.   This is useful if the instrument is ever lost or stolen.  Take some photos of the instrument and store them somewhere safe with the receipt.
  • If buying on the internet make sure that the guarantees, repairs and return policies are all fully explained.  Please be aware that Australian consumer protection laws don’t apply outside our borders so how can you get service or warranty repairs, or a replacement if the instrument arrives damaged?  Reputable online retailers will have clear customer-friendly policies, but it’s important to check.
  • Insure your instrument.  This may need a specialist music insurer as your home policy may not cover instruments, and there are insurance packages that protect the instrument outside the home.

We wish you all the best in your search for the right instrument and in making music for many years to come.