New AMA Office Bearers and Committee Elected at 2019 Annual General Meeting

The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held at Australis Music’s headquarters in Alexandria, NSW on Tuesday, 3 September. Michael Shade, General Manager, Music Products and Education Division at Yamaha Music was unanimously elected President on the day for the 2019-20 year.

Craig Johnston, out going president, Michael Shade, 2019-20 president, Anthony Ursino, new Vice-president at the 2019 AGM

The new Executive Committee was also elected – representing the Wholesale Sector are;

Michael Shade, (Yamaha Music), Tony Burn, (The Resource Corporation), Mark Amory, Fender Australia, Dave Clark, (Jacaranda Music), Richard Snape, (Hal Leonard), Warrick Baker, (Kawai) and Mat Walsham (Roland) were all elected unapposed this year.

Changes to the Constitution passed at the AGM ensured that the Retail sector is ably represented by at least four members. Elected this year were Anthony Ursino (Macron/GH Music) who was also elected VIce-president, Craig Johnston, (Keyboard Corner/KC’s Rock Shop), Graham Hoskins (Concept Music) and Jarred Finnigan (Sound Centre).

Re-appointed as ex-officio members to lead music education and advocacy activities were Gillian Erskine (Blackrock retail) and Mat Taylor (Yamaha).

Minutes of the AGM, together with the president’s and treasurer’s reports and Financials can be seen in the members only area on the website.