Retailers Warn on Fraudulent Activity

Melbourne retailers have reportedĀ a couple of individuals going around to music shops over the past month trying to buy gear with stolen credit cards. Reported one; “We had one in store trying to purchase a guitar, he told a great story of buying it for his brother who is recovering from cancer in Hospital, he wanted to pay for itĀ  by calling his Dad and then reading out the credit card number to us to enter as a Moto (card not present) transaction. The store suspected foul play and took steps to create a card decline. He left the shop and went to a guitar store near by to us where he tried the whole story again, this time the dealer processed the card and the punter took the guitar……..the bank confirmed that the card was stolen”.

Stores also reported transactions through their website, all with local delivery addresses that were believed to be fraudulent.

There would appear that a group interested in guitars are trying it on with stores and all should be very aware that this is happening.

Contact the AMA if you observe any such activity in your area or online –

Common traits to the “sale”

– A sob story that also involves a time constraint whereby they have to get it today

– an excuse for why they are using friends/relatives card

– wants to collect in store

– web order with local delivery address that is often a business in a shopping centre

– they are often buying a guitar for someone else