Senate Inquiry into the National Cultural Policy

9th March 2023

The Australian Government released its National Cultural Policy, Revive, on 30th January 2023.

There is much in the policy to be optimistic about, particularly some new money and initiatives to support the music industry. There is, however, no initiative to advance universal access to music education. This is part of the AMA’s focus for many years, and our ongoing work through the Music Education: Right From The Start initiative (working with Alberts, Musica Viva, Dr Anita Collins, APRA AMCOS, and others), and part of the AMA’s submission to the NCP consultation addressed the issue of music education.

There is a Senate Inquiry, initiated by Sarah Hanson-Young and the Senate Standing Committee on the Environment and Communications (References Committee) which she chairs. This submission responds to Revive by acknowledging the potential in the policy, accepting that it does not address all areas we are interested in, and calling for more initiative to make progress on music education.

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