The Member Advantage

In addition to the core services provided for AMA members, a range of member benefits are offered in partnership with our key affiliates.

For a list of current Member Benefits:
Download the current Member Benefits flyer (PDF: 640 Kb)
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Industry statistics
Each year the AMA reviews the import statistics for music products and produces a comprehensive analysis widely used in the industry for business planning. The AMA now has a body of data going back to 1995. The AMA has also worked extensively with the Australian Bureau of Statistics to ensure more accurate product dissections making the data more reliable.

The data is reported against a calendar year, enabling it to be easily compared with international markets.

This report is available exclusively to AMA members.
Soft copy of the annual reports are posted in the Members section of this website.

AMA Quarterly Newsletter

The AMA publishes a quarterly newsletter to help keep members informed about activities and up to date with industry news.

View the latest copies of the AMA Newsletter online:

December Newsletter 2012 (PDF: 500Kb)
June Newsletter (PDF: 1.3Mb)
March Newsletter (PDF: 260Kb)

Research into the relationship between music and the brain
There is a wealth of research data showing the positive correlation between active music making and brain development in children and young people, and between active music making, and health and wellbeing in adults and young people. The AMA keeps an active watch for new research and can provide relevant information on request.