Veteran AMA Retailer Celebrates Being in the Same Band for 50 Years

I wonder how many musicians worldwide can claim that they’ve played in the same band continuously for fifty years? Local music product industry identity Owen Ray is one that can lay claim to such an honour with his band The Countdowns. Fifty years ago, as a young Toowoomba teenager, Owen formed a band with a bunch of mates with stars in their eyes. Mainstream success may have eluded them, but The Countdowns are still gigging today and in July will mark the milestone with a 50th anniversary gig at Rumours International in Toowoomba, Queensland. Read the full story on Australian Musician .

Owen Ray’s story in the industry goes back to the mid 60’s when he founded Royce Music House in Toowoomba. This business still operates today. After selling Royce in 1982, he had a decade away from retail until 1992 when he opened International Music, again in Toowoomba. He operated that until 2011, when fire ruined the business. Owen is an avid collector and is making the trip to the Melbourne Guitar Show, August 8 & 9 with a large collection to show off and sell.