Australian Music Research

1. Music Council of Australia

Australia has a wealth of organisations involved in music research; government, university, or industry based. This diversity of sources makes much of it difficult to trace or identify. The Music Council has taken the initiative to bring together over thirty web-based resources for Australian music research since 2000.

2. Musical Futures Australia

Musical Futures Australia is working with the University of Melbourne on a research program that investigates the impact of Musical Futures on both teachers and students in and out of the classroom.

MFA looks forward to having the research completed in early 2014.

3. The Song Room

Bridging the Gap in School Achievement through the Arts

The Song Room recently commissioned a 3 year research project to investigate the impact of its programs on disadvantaged children. The research demonstrates the positive impact of The Song Room’s arts-based intervention on improved school attendance (65% less absenteeism with participation in longer-term TSR in comparison to those that have not participated), higher academic achievement (including the equivalent of 1 year gain in NAPLAN literacy for longer-term schools compared to equivalent schools), as well as enhanced social and emotional wellbeing.