The Music Products Industry

It is estimated that over 4,000 are directly employed in the musical instruments and products industries
There are numerous roles played in the industry. Principally we have three main sectors;

Wholesale and Distribution
Given that 95% of Australia’s musical instruments and music technology are imported there is a large network of wholesalers and distributors getting the world’s major brands into music retail stores.

Opportunities in large scale instrument manufacturing are more limited relative to wholesale/distribution due to the fact that there are only two major manufacturers of instruments and a host of smaller producers.
Sales & Marketing
Product Managers
Internal Sales Manager
Sales Representatives
Logistics, Warehousing & Freight
Finance & Administration
General Office

There are around 500 music retailers around Australia, mainly small to medium family businesses. There are several principal roles, including;
Store Owner / Manager
Store Sales Assistant
Store Logistics
Store Merchandising


Sales Skills
As our industry is focused on selling goods and services, good interpersonal communication skills are most often needed.
Good product knowledge is essential. Being proficient on one or more musical instruments is a definite plus, but you don’t have to be a god! How the equipment works is the key, how to describe features and applications very important.
Good learning skills are essential to keep up with the latest gear and technology.

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