Industry Honour Roll

AMA Honour Roll

It provides recognition to those who are or who have been our industry leaders and whose contribution over many years has made a significant difference to the way we all do business and/or to the growth and prosperity of our industry.  This is not an award that is given to anyone.  It is a prestigious honour to receive it.  Recipients could be musical products industry leaders, musicians who have made a significant contribution to the development of young musicians, international figures who have made a considerable difference to Australia  –  and those that have made a significant contribution to the association. The AMA Honour Roll has, since its inception in 2001, been awarded to people who have chosen to retire or no longer be actively engaged in the industry. It has also been offered posthumously to families.


Rob Walker

Rob Walker

No name has been more closely associated with the AMA for the past few decades than Rob Walker. Rob’s career has included important roles at Allans Music & Allans Billy Hydes, NAMM and the Australian Music Association, and leading or working on many events and projects including the Melbourne Guitar Show, Make Music Day, Weekend Warriors, Music For All, Australian Musician, and more.



Steve Lincoln-Smith

Steve Lincoln-Smith commenced employment in the music products industry at aged 17, retiring at 60 years of age. Over those 43 years he worked for Rose Music, Yamaha Australia, Yamaha Japan, Innovative Music, in Retail, Wholesale, as Importer, Sub-contractor, performed as Product Demonstrator, Product Specialist, International, Domestic, NAMM presenter, Session Musician, Producer, Music Director, Performer, Touring Artist, Jingle Writer,.

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Margaret O’Loughlin

Margaret O’Loughlin commenced work in the music products industry in 1978 assisting her husband Peter O’Loughlin. Peter worked as the Australian Sales Agent for CBS Musical Instruments which included Fender Guitars, Rhodes Pianos, and Rogers Drums.

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Ross Cole

Ross Cole started learning piano in primary school but after two years the teacher said she could not control him and had no talent so I stopped. I then went to North Sydney Boys High, joined the brass band playing Euphonium and loved it and music. By final year Ross was playing cornet and trombone in two different music groups and the following year, 1955, won the State Junior Trombone Title.

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Glenn Dodson

Glenn Dodson, veteran Roland Corporation Executive, most recently Managing Director 1996 – 2011, now having assumed the executive chairman’s role, is entitled to have been considered for this honour. He will receive his accolade at the AMAC Convention Dinner on Sunday night, August 11. Commencing a very successful sales career at CBS in 1975, he went on to join Rose Music in the late 70’s.

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Norm Lurie

After an Arts Degree at Monash University came the obligatory overseas trip. After a 5 week voyage – yes, that’s 5 weeks but nobody died of scurvy – Norm disembarked at Southampton. He was 20 years of age.

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John Morris

John built his Australian Academy of Music business in Brisbane to the point where it was arguably the leading music retail store in the country. John was a passionate supporter of music and worked constantly with the Queensland Government to ensure that Queensland students had access to a music education through their schools. Today part of the John Morris legacy is Queensland’s leadership in terms of music education provision within Australia.

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Peter Hayward

Born in country Victoria, Peter took a commerce degree at the University of Melbourne and then went to work at Ford Australia in their graduate program. Whilst there he met John Egan, last year’s Honour Roll inductee.

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John Egan

John joined the music products industry after some years working with the Ford Motor Company in Australia, the US and Asia Pacific. He originally worked with Australis, but then moved across to Roland where he was managing director until 1996 when he handed over to Glenn Dodson. He remains a shareholder and the chairman of Roland Corporation Australia.

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Frank Lamberti  and Tony Lamberti

Frank was a qualified radio technician who started work as a teenager on the assembly line at Astor Radio in South Melbourne. He worked there for almost 10 years and eventually became a factory foreman. Tony was a carpenter with a love of music particularly opera and classical music. He played a few musical instruments and enjoyed working the machines in our woodworking factory.

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Neville Chambers


Geoff Brash
Bill May
Alan Rose
John Payton Snr (honorary president)

John F Payton, co-founder of the AMA, passed away peacefully on 14th November after a brief illness, two weeks after his 92nd birthday and just one year shy of his 70th wedding anniversary. Up until the 5th November he had enjoyed the active stimulation of the music business, reporting to work five days a week at F Payton & Son’s Artarmon head office.

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