What We Do

The Australian Music Association (AMA) represents and furthers the interests of the Music Products industry which is a network of wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and associated services for musical instruments, print music,  consumer pro audio & lighting and music technology. The AMA also works with a network of government and non-government organisations to advocate for music education and promote music making. It organises trade shows, conventions and forums, publishes Australian Musician magazine online, develops industry statistics and provides commercial member benefits, as well as promote music making through events like The Melbourne Guitar Show and Make Music Day Australia.

The key benefit to association is belonging. The music products industry is a community – big or small we are into it for the music! We are building our own online community to represent all Australian Musicians.

The Association does for members what they alone cannot do.

Current Activities and Past Achievements

Now in it’s fifth decade of service to the industry.

Your Association’s contribution to the music products industry contains many highlights

The AMA is not a thing, or a person, or a committee – it is YOU! It belongs to the members! The people who make Music making possible – there will always be a YOU! As long as there is music and musicians.

Your association brings the industry together and helps fertilise the ground on which to do business

  • Since the 70’s the AMA has played an active role in representing the interests of the music products trade and the music merchants of Australia. From small hotel meetings to large scale events at the major exhibition centres, the AMA has always provided a trade show forum.
  • Organised over 30 trade shows from the Australian Music Expo, Australian International Music Shows and the AMAC Conventions to the Melbourne Guitar and Sydney Drum & Percussion Shows and the AMP Conference. And annually brings members together at the annual NAMM Show.

Your association promotes music making

  • There have been many promotions large scale and small over a long period that your association has initiated and run. Music Play for Life with Life Be In It, Music Week, International Guitar Month, seven Australian International Music Shows, Melbourne Music Expos, Weekend Warriors programs, Melbourne Guitar Show, Sydney Drum & Percussion Show and more.
  • With the biggest shows the country has seen we have promoted to tens of thousands at our public music shows.
  • Since 2018 the AMA has initiated Make Music Day Australia on June 21 each year, joining over 800 cities and places globally in celebrating Music Making
  • The AMA produced our own industry end-user magazine, Australian Musician from 1995 – 2012, to 2020 where it has grown to be the country’s online magazine for music products and music making. Australian Musician is supported by active social media promoting our members’ products and the people that play them. Members promote to the Australian Musician network.
  • The AMA website helps our members to be found online. It provides a searchable products database of member’s products, dealer profiles, locations and weblinks. And we’re social too, promoting the music making message and promoting music retailers with our ‘Ask Your Local Music Store Campaign’
  • Brought the Weekend Warriors concept to Australia creating thousands of customers, and now supporting the accessibility of the program to its member retailers.
  • Funded the establishment of Music play for Life, created the concept and promoted the funding of Music Count Us In by the Government- over 500,000 kids each year benefit from this program, it involves around 20,000 teachers and is the biggest provider of professional development in music for teaching in the country. Funded by the Federal government for the next two years.

Your association Advocates for music education

  • Drafted the Terms of reference for the National Review of School Music Education (2005).
  • Managed the National Music Workshop on behalf of the Federal Government (2006) – significantly contributed to the development of the National Curriculum in Music.
  • Presented to both the Standing Senate and House of Representative Standing committees on Music Education.
  • In 2013, contributed to the Victorian Music Education Parliamentary Inquiry and is working with the sector to support the implementation of its important recommendations.
  • Since 2010 and with NAMM support the AMA has facilitated the funding to roll out Musical Futures in Australia with nearly 900 schools now involved and national reach is achievable by 2017. This program has seen more than 300,000 students exposed to a contemporary music program – funding of $200,000 secured from the NAMM Foundation to establish Musical Futures in Australia, an alternative teaching curriculum particularly for primary level. The Victorian Government invested in a three-year funding program to train more teachers in Musical Futures and provided funding for instruments.

Your association fights the good fights

  • The AMA is fought the good fight on your behalf on the low value GST threshold on Imports, resulting in its abolishment from July 2017. And now fighting for abolition by 2018!
  • We led the reinstatement of the Guitar Making and Maintenance Cert III and IV in Victoria by working on a task force with government.

Your association informs our industry, government and the end user

  • Produced Annual Reports and quarterly web stats and archives industry statistical trends since 1998.
  • Funded Attitudes to Music surveys to identify market opportunities.
  • Established numerous partnerships with music organisations including NAMM, Music Council of Australia, Music Play for Life and many more, and represents our industry internationally as a member of the International Coordinating Committee
  • Been responsible for millions of media impressions promoting the benefits of music making and music education surrounding Music Count Us In, Weekend Warriors, National Review of Music Education and public music shows.
  • And it provides the direct member benefits you can see HERE