Logos & Stickers

The AMA encourages members to use physical and digital stickers to show customers that you belong to the industry association.

Traditionally, window stickers have been sent each year after membership renewals. We will continue to do this. Please let us know if you need another sticker, for example if you have another shopfront or are moving.

You can reference your membership by:

  1. Simply mentioning, eg. in your footer or ‘About Us’ section, that your business is an AMA member, ideally with a link to our website.
  2. Use the ‘digital sticker’ design, ie. the logo + ‘MEMBER’. You will notice that this doesn’t include the year (as physical stickers do).

We are sharing the new logo here. It may be used instead of the digital sticker if you feel that it suits your website design better. If you use the logo only, please include the text: “[business name] is a member of the Australian Music Association” to clarify why the logo is being included.

Click to download these files

On black background:

Transparent (over dark background):

Transparent (over light background):

New (2022) AMA logo File downloads: