Acoustic Drums

Drums are the heartbeat in many genres of music including rock, soul, jazz and Latin, and together with the bass guitar make up the rhythm section. Typically acoustic drums come as a kit.

A typical drum kit consists of five drums – bass drum, snare drum and three toms.  Many drum kits come as a package, especially the student models and many mid-level  products, though a set of drums can also be purchased by selecting individual components. This would usually indicate a more professional product or the requirements of an advanced player.

In addition to the drums you will need cymbals.  Typically a set of cymbals consists of a pair of hi-hats plus a crash and a ride cymbal.  Cymbals can be purchased as a set or individually.  Other than beginner or entry models, most drum kits do not include cymbals. This is usually an additional purchase.

The final part of a drum kit is the hardware, which are the stands and pedals, these usually come with the standard 5pc package.   And you’ll need a drum stool.

Playing cymbals wears out sticks quickly, so it’s a good idea to buy several pairs (5A is a good weight to start with), and if you plan to move your kit around you will need set of cases.

The drum kit can be loud although the sound can be damped considerably by using practice pads or mutes that are placed on the drumheads and the cymbals in a matter of seconds.  They are not expensive and dampen the sound considerably.