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The Australian Music Association is the trade body for the music products industry, representing wholesalers, manufacturers, retailers and associated services for musical instruments, pro audio, print music, lighting and computer music products. New members are very welcome. The more members the louder our voice.

There are three classes of membership:

1. Wholesale
To qualify as a Wholesale member the principal activity of the business must be the manufacture and/or import of music products, to be onsold to retailers. If this is the best description of your business, then download the Application Form and Payment Forms Wholesale Application and Payments Form 2020-21

2. Retail
To qualify as a Retail member the principal activity of the business must be the sale of music products to consumers and end-users. If this is the best description of your business, then download the Application Form and Payment Forms Retail Application and Payment Forms 2020-21

3. Associate
Associate members are businesses or individuals whose activities are seen to relate to the music products industry but which fall into neither of the above wholesale or retail classes. Associate members include makers and luthiers, piano tuners, music schools and teachers, instrument repairers, educational institutions, and other active music bodies, such as APTTA or AMTA.  Musicians are also welcome to apply, particularly those engaged with the music products business. If any of these best describe your business, then download the Application Form and Payment Forms Associate Application and Payments Forms 2020-21

Application process
Once a form has been received it is forwarded to the Executive Committee for their review. They may ask for references or more information, as relevant. Please be aware that it can take a few weeks for this process to be completed.
As you can appreciate, the AMA needs to be careful about ensuring companies applying for membership do qualify as required.
Membership is not finalised until relevant fees have been paid.
If you have any questions about membership please email to

For all current Member Benefits that come with membership to the AMA:

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