Music Products Industry Statistics

Music Products Industry Statistics

The AMA produces reports based on adjusted raw data from Customs (via the Australian Bureau of Statistics), and publishes them in the Members Only area of this site. You can enquire about the availability of current or historical industry statistics by Tel 0424 902 321 or Email

Annual Market Report

The report covers all categories and segments, with

  • President’s Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Analysis, by category & segment
  • Graph: total imports and total units for the past 10 years
  • Graph: Average Unit Value, Total Value and Total Units: Percentage changes (vs previous year, Five Year Average Movement, Ten Year Average Movement)
  • Graph: Average Unit Value for the past 10 years
  • Graph: Average Unit Value by Major Source (Top 5 countries)
  • Graph: Unit Share by Source (Top 5 countries)
  • Graph: Value Share by Source (Top 5 countries)

Executive Summaries

This is the first section of the Market Report and contains the context and narrative for the year overall, and a brief description of the result in different categories.

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