10 Years at a Glance

The first two tables show figures for each Section. Note: All accessories are grouped together, ie. Guitar Strings are not under Guitars.

The next two tables compare each year's result to that Section's 10 year Average, to show the movement of all Sections using an equivalent measurement.

The next table shows the proportion of the total Australian market, each year, for each Section.

The next table excludes Print Music, Pro Audio & Accessories.

The next two tables show Value, by Major Sources, over 10 years.

China is significant enough to be represented alone, 'Other East Asia' means Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan; Europe means EU + several surrounding countries generally considered to be part of Europe (eg. UK); South East Asia means ASEAN; North America means USA, Canada, Mexico (NAFTA). As you can see from the proportion of value from 'Other' countries (in Africa, South & Central Asia, South America, the Middle East, New Zealand / Oceania), no other region warrants separate representation on this table.

The next table shows the same data, showing the proportion of each year's Total Value from each major source.