Brass Instruments

The brass instruments family includes trumpets, trombones, cornets, flugel horns, tubas & euphoniums.

Brass instruments can be made of many different materials that all contribute significantly to the sound and response of the instrument. Yellow brass is a common material, providing a bright and crisp tone- it also has a low copper content so it’s a hardy brass. Gold brass has a slightly higher copper content for a warmer, rounder tone.

For the piston brass instruments like a trumpet, the valve material is of high importance. Monel valves are often recommended as they are made from a corrosive-resistant nickel-copper alloy, making them last longer and perform better over time. But stainless steel and nickel are also popular and common opinion is that it is down to player preference provided the valves and casings are kept clean and oiled each time you play.

There are several finishes which add personality. Clear lacquer offers a bright, clear tone, while gold lacquer gives much more warmth and depth of tone. Silver plating is quite popular for orchestral work, adding bright projection. It can also provide a longer lasting finish for student instruments.

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