Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’d like to bring in artists from overseas and want to get approval from the AMA.
A. You need to talk to the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA) – or 1300 730 543

Q. I have written a song and want to know what to do about rights, etc.
A. Contact / read about APRA AMCOS

Q. I am looking for a reputable music publisher. I have written a new song and the arrangement is also being prepared. I would like to get published widely and in various formats.0
A. The organisation that would give you the best advice would be AMPAL – the Australian Music Publishers Association, you will find their information at

Q. I am looking for a instrumental/vocal music tutor
A. We do not publish a directory of music teachers. Here are a few ways to find someone:

Q. I am looking for information about the Retail award I should be under and what that award consists of.
A. Our partner organisation, the National Retail Association, has an in-house legal practice and can provide advice specifically on these matters. If you have any immediate questions or require support, their Workplace Relations Hotline number is 1800 RETAIL (738 245).

Q. I am pursuing a career in the music industry, what positions do you have available?
A.  Job listings are provided by the AMA, although those listings are rarely for the AMA itself. When we hear about a job listing, you will find it on our job vacancies page and shared on LinkedIn and Twitter.

We also have a careers information section with a description of different jobs in our industry, training and professional development options, and outlining the range of professions and skills associated with music products.

Q. Does the Australian Music Association represent the music recording industry in Australia?
A. No. AMA represents the musical products industry (Instruments & techmology), not the recorded music industry in Australia. The key contacts are ARIA (representing record companies) AIR (representing independent record companies) and the closest equivalent to the AMA is AMRA (representing Australian recorded music retailers).