Glenn Dodson

Glenn Dodson, veteran Roland Corporation Executive, most recently Managing Director 1996 – 2011, now having assumed the executive chairman’s role, is entitled to have been considered for this honour. He will receive his accolade at the AMAC Convention Dinner on Sunday night, August 11. Commencing a very successful sales career at CBS in 1975, he went on to join Rose Music in the late 70’s. (Rose Music later became Yamaha Music Australia). After a short stint in the Hi Fi industry he returned to music products two years later as the Queensland agent for Australis Music. In 1985 Glenn moved to Sydney and soon after took up the position of General Manager. Glenn was soon at the forefront of the music products distribution business with Australis, with whom he worked for 7 years. During this time Glenn also served on the board of the public company, Palings Hayward Group, before it was privatised and sold to Billy Guyatts. He first served on the AMA Executive Committee during this late 80’s period for what was to become more than a decade of direct service to the association.

Glenn joined Roland Corporation in 1991 as Sales and Marketing Manager, taking over as Managing Director from John Egan in 1996. As well as leading Roland through a growth spurt, he was instrumental around these times in driving the AMA forward by leading as President for four years in the 90’s – as an advocate he lead the charge to engaging NAMM and other international partners, in the 90’s he was at the helm during the expansion years of the Darling Harbour AIMS Shows and again at the reinvention of AMAC for the new millennium. He advocated for retail membership in the association. He was a committed contributor to industry development and a vocal supporter for what became the Music Makers programs in the early ‘00’s. He served on the industry advisory board of the Southern Cross University as part of the development of the university’s contemporary music courses   His tenure at Roland also saw him serve as a director of Allans Music Group when it rose from the ashes of the Brashs closures in 1998.

We know he has many friends in the music products business. He is known as a man of vision and sound judgment and the Australian Music Association is pleased to honour Glenn for his significant contribution to the industry.