Training in the Music Products Industry

A wide range of skills are used in this industry, some of which are associated with formal, information, vocational and tertiary education (music performance, marketing), other that are associated with specialist training. So far this section covers two areas where vocational training is available in Australia.

Certificate III in Retail

This course reflects the role of individuals who have the primary responsibility of engaging the customer, maintaining daily store operations and delivering on organisational expectations. These individuals need a sound knowledge of product and service offerings, and to possess a range of well-developed skills where discretion and judgement is required.

This course is designed for individuals who work in a diverse range of retail settings. This qualification will help you keep up to date with the latest trends and further build your retail skills. Completion of this course shows employers you are fully capable and willing to learn, giving you more opportunities to move into more senior roles, and take on higher responsibilities.

Under the General Retail Industry Award, this qualification is one of the indicators that an employee is eligible for Retail Employee Level 4. This means an employee performing work at a retail establishment at a higher level than a Retail Employee Level 3. This may include an employee who has completed an appropriate trades course or holds an appropriate Certificate III and is required to use their qualifications in the course of their work.

Provider: National Retail Association

Certificate IV in Musical Instrument Making & Repair

The Certificate IV in Musical Instrument Making and Repair students learn to make a bolt-on electric guitar and a dreadnaught style acoustic guitar. Upon successful completion of these instruments, students design and may construct a custom made instrument of their choice.

The college will provide the materials to build your own custom built instrument. The hardware must be supplied by the student. The course covers an introduction to the computer controlled cutting and milling machines and laser cutters. Students are instructed in the use and maintenance of hand and power tools necessary for construction and gain vital hands-on experience.

Provider: Northern College of the Arts & Technology