Flutes and Flutists

Flutes and Flutists
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311 Sailors Bay Road
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+61 2 9079 1256

At FLUTES & FLUTISTS, we believe playing and learning a musical instrument leads to a more fulfilled and well-balanced life. For everyone who works here, whether professional performer, teacher or repair technician, our instrument of choice is the Flute. We are all extremely passionate about this wonderful instrument, which is why we’ve chosen to surround ourselves with many of the finest flutes available today.
However, no two flute players are the same, which is why we take great care and pride in helping people find the instrument that perfectly matches their playing and personalities, each and every day. Then with their Perfect Flute, musicians can focus on what is most important - creating beautiful music. With our extensive range of instruments, carefully chosen from the best in the world, we believe that your Perfect Flute is sitting in our collection at this very moment, waiting for you.

Instrument Type
Wind / Brass
Services Offered
Repairs/Maintenance (Wind / Brass)
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