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The MLJackie Experience:

Wooden Bobbin Pickups: Unlike traditional pickups, our wooden bobbin pickups are meticulously handcrafted using premium-quality wood sourced from sustainable forests. Each pickup is imbued with the unique tonal properties of wood, resulting in a rich, organic sound that resonates with warmth and depth.

Customization Options: With MLJackie pickups, you have the freedom to tailor your guitar's sound to suit your musical preferences. Choose from a variety of wood types, coil configurations, and winding techniques to achieve the perfect balance of clarity, articulation, and harmonics.

Enduring Quality: Backed by years of research, development, and refinement, MLJackie pickups are built to withstand the rigors of the road and deliver consistent performance in any musical setting. Whether you're performing on stage or recording in the studio, our pickups are designed to inspire and captivate audiences with their unmistakable tone and character.

Global Reach: MLJackie's commitment to excellence extends beyond borders, with our pickups exported to musicians and enthusiasts worldwide. From the United States to Japan, Germany to Italy, France to the United Kingdom, Brazil to Canada, and beyond, MLJackie pickups have found homes in the hands of musicians across the globe, enriching their sonic landscapes and inspiring creativity wherever they go.

Our Services:

Guitar Setup and Maintenance: Achieve optimal playability and performance with our meticulous guitar setup services. From adjusting action and intonation to fret leveling and nut adjustments, we ensure that your instrument feels and sounds its best.

Restoration and Repair: Restore vintage treasures or repair damaged guitars with our comprehensive restoration and repair services. Whether it's a broken headstock, cracked body, or electronics issue, our team is equipped to handle any challenge with skill and proficiency.

Customization and Modifications: Unlock your guitar's full potential with our customization and modification services. From installing new pickups and electronics to customizing hardware and aesthetics, we empower you to create a truly unique instrument that reflects your style and personality.

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Guitars / Fretted
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Repairs/Maintenance (Guitar / Fretted), General Maintenance, Restring, Setups
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