Conference Program and Timetable



AMP 2017 is focused on professional development. It will feature speakers, workshops and presentations that will benefit your business. Focusing on inventory and margin management, new technologies and marketing techniques. The program is developing, and regular updates will be forthcoming with session subjects and titles – you can see speakers and guests confirmed to date in the Conference Speakers section.


Sunday, September 3 2.00pm Registration Opens
(Hotel Foyer)
2.00pm Face-to-Face & Meeting Time & Registration
6.00pm Welcome Drinks at the AMP Bar
Let’s enjoy some AMA hospitality
7.00pm Face-to-Face Time
Delegate’s own dinner arrangements
Monday, September 4 8.00am Registration Open Conference Centre
8.45am AMP Keynote Address – Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution
presented by Mr Craig Scroggie, CEO and Managing Director, NEXTDC
Craig will be known to many in the industry, through his time with Brashs and Yamaha, his membership of Australia’s leading Celtic band ‘Claymore’ and in his role as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of NEXTDC, Australia’s leading Data-Centre-as-a-Service provider. He has substantial leadership experience within the IT and telecommunications industries having held senior positions with Symantec, Veritas Software, Computer Associates, EMC Corporation and Fujitsu.
The AMP Keynote will explore the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) where we are entering a whole new era of technology. For an expanded synopsis of the Conference Keynote click here.
9.30am Morning Tea
10.00am – 11.45am NAMM Boot Camp Session #1
NAMM & the AMA are proud to present an intensive financial boot camp, with NAMM’s Key Financial Trainer, Alan Friedman

This back-office segment of The NAMM Retail Boot Camp covers the most critical financial components of running a music retail business. Presented by Alan Friedman of the CPA firm Friedman, Kannenberg & Co., the Financial Management track isn’t just for store owners. It’s for any retail staff, suppliers or retail advisers who want to learn more about the financial challenges facing music retailers or all types and sizes. Your learning from these sessions will include valuable insights on;

  • Financial Issues: How to identify and fix the ones happening in your business
  • Purchasing Inventory: How to buy the right mix and quantity of musical products and gear
  • Financial Statements: How to generate, interpret and act upon them
  • Financing: How to properly finance your inventory
  • Succession: How to determine the dollar value of your business and begin the succession planning process
  • Managing Inventory: How to manage an entire store’s worth of inventory effectively

All in a very entertaining way.

This session comes complete with Workbook and all calculations and demonstrated calculations and methods for you to take back to your business.

12.00pm Lunch
Guest Speaker – Aaron Friedman, Global director, Make Music Day
Aaron will speak to the industry about the joint AMA-NAMM Foundation plans for Make Music Day Australia, June 21 2018, as the expansion to a Global Make Music Day becomes closer to reality.
1.00pm Building The Ultimate Music Dealer Website – Part I – The Inside Anatomy
Presented by Tom Folenta
What does it take? A high-quality web design, an intuitive user interface, a lot of information, easy access to what you need fast, and the ability to hold the visitors are all key factors in creating a website that delivers. In this session, we will break down the website campaign into easy-to-understand action zones, covering everything from using videos, to the do’s and don’ts of mobile site design. For those looking for clarity, this session will also be empowering, enlightening, and even interactive as we reach out for dealer feedback and participation.
2.30pm Afternoon Tea
3.00pm The State of Things in Digital Marketing
Presented by Richard Harris
Managing Director of IQ (Education)
Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising
Marketing compliance, misleading advertising, substantiation, Pricing do’s and don’ts, and our responsibilities using customer data are key issues in today’s world. The penalties for getting it wrong can be severe on the individual as well as your business.
This session will explore;
• The pervasiveness of data in the world e.g. IoT
• The changing data landscape and changes for marketers specifically.
• The importance of understanding the Privacy Act as it pertains to your customers
• New Data Breach legislation
• Data collection, management and use
• What SPAM really means – they have to opt-in
• Education does not just come from universities
• Misleading advertising & pricing
The floor is open for discussion too.
4.30pm Face-to-Face & Meeting Time
7.00pm AMA 40th Anniversary Dinner
Guest Speaker; Mr Dan Del Fiorentino, NAMM Historian
NAMM Milestone Award Presentation
AMA Honour Roll presentations
Special Guests
SoundHouse Music Alliance Silent Auction
Tuesday, September 5 8.30am – 10.00pm NAMM Boot Camp Session #2
These sessions are a ‘sell out’ at both Summer and Winter NAMM Shows. We have developed the session content over two days, so that you, our delegates receive the ‘Full Day’s Training Equivalent’ that retailers receive at a NAMM Show. The learning continue from Session #1.
10.00am Coffee Break
10.30am Building The Ultimate Music Dealer Website – Part II – The Outside Connectivity
In Part 2, with Tom Folenta, we explore the other two main components of a powerful digital web campaign. How do people FIND you? (Search Engine Optimization) and how do people HELP you? (Social platform networking) – The session will be a SimpleTech approach to explaining a host of popular social networking services including; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Analytics and more. In addition, we will introduce Social-nomics — a whole new world of creative connectivity. For those looking for clarity, this session will be empowering, enlightening and interactive as we reach out for dealer feedback and participation.
12.00pm Lunch
Guest Speaker, Brendan Callinan, MD Roland & Soundhouse Music Alliance director
Brendan Callinan, both a past and current AMA president will formally launch the Music Products Industry charity, Soundhouse Music Alliance.
Disruptive Technologies & Industry Challenges
Panel Members, Nick Smethurst,, Alan Friedman, Michael Shade, Mark Smith, Rob Walker and more to be announced
We have looked at ways we can improve our businesses and apply more skills. What are the things we can control and the things we cannot? Our panel will lead an industry discussion on where we are going.
3.00pm  41st AMA Annual General Meeting
3.30pm Depart

*Note: Breakfast  is not included but may be pre purchased when you register. Breakfast is available in the Shoreline Restaurant for $25 per day to all delegates