How Can We Help After the Bushfire Tragedy?

The Australian Music Association is deeply saddened and concerned by the bushfires that have devastated our country.  The impact on the environment, the wildlife and community is overwhelming.

Based on my own personal experience living through Black Saturday and now with the current situation, we have all been affected by fires in various ways. Even if you have not been directly impacted by the current fire season, the constant news of the loss of wilderness, homes and lives can make you feel overwhelmed and powerless.

Many of us have want to do something to help in this time of crisis.  But it is also important we acknowledge the impact this traumatic event may have on our emotional and mental health. As such, here is a simple and useful resource created by ABC News that explores the impact the news of the catastrophic fires can have on us as adults, on our children, and provides some practical strategies for coping –

If your company has an EAP service agreement or contract with a provider, please remind your staff that they should access this service if they need further coping strategies.

No doubt we have all been moved by the terrible devastation of the bushfire crisis throughout Australia in recent weeks, and we know that it will be a struggle for many as towns and businesses rebuild their trades and services, let alone homes and property that have been lost.

There will be many aspects of support that will help rebuild local economies, not the least of which will be customers returning to buy goods and services they did before the fires came through their communities.

As we have seen in the media, fund raising has been rapid and broad with celebrities and others in the music industry raising millions for the NSW RFS and to a lesser degree other states’ CFA’s, The Salvos, Red Cross and other disaster relief agencies. Many individuals and businesses have already been part of the giant fundraising efforts and made generous contributions. The AMA knows of a couple of fundraising efforts currently underway in our industry and we will do our best to support those efforts.

The AMA Executive thinks the most appropriate way for the Australian Music Association to be involved is to make available our communication channels to support these fundraising efforts. As usual the entertainment industry is putting its hand up to run numerous fundraising gigs and events – we will support spreading the word through Australian Musician and our social media channels.

By way of example a group of local luthiers and electronic builders are running a fundraising ‘big raffle’ for Australian made MI gear on social media. And we are sure other ideas will be presented in the coming weeks and months.

Timely insurance settlements, restoration of power and stock replacement in stores will all be critical to getting towns impacted moving again. We hope any MI stores that may have been affected by current events get back on their feet as quickly as possible and that we do our best as an industry to minimise their current challenges.

In terms of actions, if you do not know what or who to give monetary donations too, can I suggest donating to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal –

It’s not hard to get involved in charity events … see following example:

My name is Adrian Tamburini (Pure Harmony Music & Events) and I am producing a Charity Gala Concert at the Athenaeum Theatre, Melbourne on February 7th to raise funds for victims of the bushfires through the Red Cross Disaster Fund. 100% of proceeds will go directly the Red Cross. 

This concert will feature over 50 singers and musicians from Melbourne’s opera community who are all donating their time and talent to this cause. The management and staff at the Athenaeum Theatre have also offered the venue and volunteered their time for this concert. 

Tickets went on sale yesterday through Ticketek. We have already sold nearly 800 tickets with the hope of selling all 1200 seats. 

Tickets and more information about this event can be found at

A well-known piano distributor is supplying the concert grand piano and 1200 people will be making sizable donations. It’s not that hard to get involved.

I trust this communication encourages you and your businesses by participating in efforts to help rebuild lives and communities, as many AMA members have already.


Be Safe,


Michael Shade

AMA President