Free Training: Cyber Wardens

The AMA is an active member of COSBOA which has initiated the Cyber Wardens program, now available to all AMA members.

Cyber Wardens will be the online version of first aid officers or fire safety wardens, who can prevent, prepare, fight and help recover from a cyber attack or the theft of customer data or intellectual property.

Just like we protect ourselves by locking up our businesses and homes at night, the Cyber Wardens program will give small business the skills to shut our digital doors to lurking cyber threats.

This program is aimed at small business owners and SME employees.

How does a Cyber warden help?

Cyber Cheerleader: Promoting Cyber Safety in their team or business


Role Modelling: Role modelling simple and easy preventative actions


Helper: Point of contact for employees with cyber safety concerns


Organises Expert Assistance: Like talking to your tech supplier about anti-virus software and the best cloud platforms to back up your data

Drill Master: Undertaking Cyber Drills to educate their team

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