Member Update: Cultural Policy Submission

23rd August 2022

The Australian Government is consulting on a new National Cultural Policy.

In 2013 the Gillard Government released its Creative Australia policy, the culmination of a process that had by then taken several years. This time, the process is expected to be much faster and use the framework of the previous policy with, of course, a lot of updates. The current Minister for the Arts, Tony Burke, was the Minister that ultimately implemented much of the Creative Australia policy in 2013 after Simon Crean (who developed the policy) stepped down.

The AMA submission is relatively short and addresses four issues:

  • Provide universal access to music education through systemic improvements to, at least, meet the requirements of the Australian Curriculum: The Arts
  • Specifically reference participation in the arts, strategies and institutions that support participation in the arts
  • Guarantee radiofrequency spectrum for cultural use, particularly in the 600 MHz band
  • Implement a system of Musical Instrument Certificates

Parts of the submission refer to the work of friends of the AMA, particularly the Music Education: Right From The Start initiative, and ACETA’s work on radiofrequency spectrum issues.

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