Report Schedule & Member Consultation: Quarterly Report

15th November 2023

As part of a major review and restructure of our Market Report (import statistics) this year, we have just released the first Quarterly Report.

The plan now is to release these reports in the second half of the second month of each quarter, with data from the preceeding quarter, other than the end of year which is a much bigger report and takes longer. Therefore:

  • Late March, for December quarter / US fiscal year / full calendar year (Annual Market Report)
  • Late May, for March quarter / Japanese fiscal year
  • Late August, for June quarter / Australian fiscal year
  • Late November for September quarter / year to 30th September

These reports are available to AMA members, we provide a login to the website (including multiple logins for different employees at member companies, if requested) to access all the data.

The full Market Report is here

The September Quarter Report is here

Tell Us What You Think 

I am asking members now for feedback on the report, anything else you would like to see. It’s important to remember that we cannot run the full report with 5 tables for every instrument category, 4 times a year. Therefore the quarterly reports provide a summary with totals for each Category and trends by Section, while the full Annual Market Report includes more detail (Units, Value, Average Unit Value, quarterly import trend, Country of Origin) for each Category and some 10 year ‘At a Glance’ analysis.

What do we need to know?

  • Is the format of these tables useful? Could anything be improved?
  • Could the data be presented in a more useful way?
  • What are you looking for, to monitor these data throughout the year? Are we providing that?

How can you provide feedback? Email Alex!

(Note: ‘Categories’ are particular codes, eg. ‘Electric Guitars’, ‘Cymbals’, ‘Guitar & Bass Strings’, while ‘Sections’ are a collection of Categories: ‘Pianos & Keyboards’, ‘Wind Brass & Strings’, ‘Guitars’, ‘Percussion’, ‘Electronic Instruments’, ‘Pro Audio’, ‘Accessories’, ‘Print Music’)