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Victorian Review of Music Education makes Key Recommendations to State Government

Music Education organisations have come together to welcome the findings of the Inquiry into the extent, benefits and potential of music education in Victorian schools . And, in particular, the recognition by the Victorian Parliament that, “music education should be an essential part of every young person’s education” and that “music plays and important role in learning, in personal and societal development and, as an economic contributor to this state”.

The Australian Music Association joins in requesting that the work of the Committee now be supported by the Napthine Government and that the recommendations that require some additional expenditure, including:
Supporting schools in establishing music programs (Rec 13),
Delivering professional learning teachers in both primary and secondary schools and across the state (Rec 9, 11 and 12) and;
Ensuring schools have adequate music facilities and equipment (Rec 3)
are supported with additional funding and that those funds become available as a result of the 2014 budget and be carried through for the forward estimates until at least 2018.

Collectively we call on the Victorian Education Minister, Martin Dixon and the Premier, Denis Napthine, on behalf of students, teachers and school communities to adopt these recommendations and begin to action them during the 2014 school year. Read more

Read the Full Report
Read the Media Reports [1 (Herald Sun): Online or Download PDF 28kB] [2 (Herald Sun): Online or Download PDF 98kB] [3 (The Age): Online or Download PDF 184kB]
Read the Full Joint Media Release

Music Count Us In

500,000 students joined together to sing the same song at the same time on 31 October. This celebration of school’s participation in music, drew attention to the importance of music education, and trained over 20,000 teachers to help their schools sing the song written by students and produced by John Foreman.

Check this link to see the media message this activity generated –

The Australian Music Association conceived this concept in Australia and lobbied for funding – the event is in its 7th year of receiving government funding.

Check out the Community Music hub while you’re online – this initiative was also largely funded by the AMA’s Music Makers program, something the members can be proud to have invested in the future of music making in Australia.

The Victorian Music Education Review

The Victorian Music Education Review is tabled in parliament next Wednesday, 13 November. The Association made formal submissions to the review through our government relations advisors and Vice-president and Executive Member, Richard Snape and Michael Jongebloed gave testimony on behalf of the members. We’ll update you on any debate and commentary.

US Sales for 13 September quarter

The Music Trades has reported a steady US Sales result at the September quarter – the crucial back to school period showed an overall increase of 6.2% in an environment of keen competition. Guitars showed a rise of 1.5% on the same quarter last year, driven by high end and speciality instruments according to some retailers. Pianos and keyboards were steady with digital a tick over 1% up. Accessories up nearly 7% and Percussion and Sound Reinforcement up over 2%. Overall retail sales up 3.1% as reported in the latest Music Trades magazine.

The Forte School of Music will celebrate 20 Years in 2014!

Director Paul Myatt, enthused when speaking to us.“ In Perth recently we had our best Forte National Conference yet. 20 years on we have a team of enthusiastic Forte Business Partners raring to go to develop their business, their personal business skills and expand”.
Far from kicking back now Forte is looking at taking on some more Business Partners”.
Paul maintains that Forte is of major benefit to the music industry as a whole. They believe their best franchisees are people who play music but are engaged in main stream industries – People who have a passion for music and would love to work in the area of their passion, sharing this passion by developing a music education business.
From a modest start of a few schools in Brisbane, Forte has grown to a network which extends across Australia, New Zealand and UK. Several locations have 700+ students.
“We want to thank the support of Roland Corporation both in Australia and internationally in New Zealand and the UK who have always been there for us and were especially supportive in the first 5 years or so. We also want to thank Australian Music Association who have been supportive on an ongoing basis”. Paul wanted to mention.
Paul is very proud of the fact that all Forte business partners run profitable businesses.
Forte’s success as an educator is highlighted by it boasting the youngest students to achieve AMEB diplomas, teaching the first Australian to debut at Carnegie Hall, NY at 16-years of age and seeing children making the first round of Australia’s Got Talent and others.
Paul is excited as he observes, “More importantly though, we have given literally thousands of children the opportunity to learn music in a fun, stimulating and educationally sound way. Not only have we given them the skills, we have imparted a passion for music and so many go on to be lifelong music makers. This is the stuff of continued instrument sales of the future”.
“Over the last 5 years we have developed a group of Forte business partners who are really excited about the ongoing development of the Forte brand. The smallest school in the network is 300 students and the largest around 710 students and growing. Many have plans to open additional locations”.
Forte is keen to speak to AMA members who might be looking for opportunities to benefit from Forte’s model. Current business partners can be viewed at: and for more information call Paul Myatt on 0412 982169.

Law Firm Launches Class Action on Air Freight

Law Firm, Maurice Blackburn is conducting a price fixing class action against major international airlines including Qantas, Lufthansa Cargo, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air New Zealand and British Airways in relation to the provision of international air freight services since 1 January 2000. The class action seeks damages and other relief on behalf of purchasers of air freight services for losses suffered as a result of the alleged cartel conduct by the airlines.
Group members are all those persons resident in Australia as at 11 January 2007 who during the period 1 January 2000 to 11 January 2007 paid identified amounts totalling more than twenty thousand Australian dollars (AUD$20,000) for the carriage of goods to or from Australia including in each instance a component by air.
On 27 September 2013 the Court ordered that any group member who wishes to participate in any distribution of any amount agreed in settlement of these proceedings shall, by no later than 4:00pm on 15 November 2013, deliver to Maurice Blackburn a completed Group Member Registration Form.