The Forte School of Music will celebrate 20 Years in 2014!

Director Paul Myatt, enthused when speaking to us.“ In Perth recently we had our best Forte National Conference yet. 20 years on we have a team of enthusiastic Forte Business Partners raring to go to develop their business, their personal business skills and expand”.
Far from kicking back now Forte is looking at taking on some more Business Partners”.
Paul maintains that Forte is of major benefit to the music industry as a whole. They believe their best franchisees are people who play music but are engaged in main stream industries – People who have a passion for music and would love to work in the area of their passion, sharing this passion by developing a music education business.
From a modest start of a few schools in Brisbane, Forte has grown to a network which extends across Australia, New Zealand and UK. Several locations have 700+ students.
“We want to thank the support of Roland Corporation both in Australia and internationally in New Zealand and the UK who have always been there for us and were especially supportive in the first 5 years or so. We also want to thank Australian Music Association who have been supportive on an ongoing basis”. Paul wanted to mention.
Paul is very proud of the fact that all Forte business partners run profitable businesses.
Forte’s success as an educator is highlighted by it boasting the youngest students to achieve AMEB diplomas, teaching the first Australian to debut at Carnegie Hall, NY at 16-years of age and seeing children making the first round of Australia’s Got Talent and others.
Paul is excited as he observes, “More importantly though, we have given literally thousands of children the opportunity to learn music in a fun, stimulating and educationally sound way. Not only have we given them the skills, we have imparted a passion for music and so many go on to be lifelong music makers. This is the stuff of continued instrument sales of the future”.
“Over the last 5 years we have developed a group of Forte business partners who are really excited about the ongoing development of the Forte brand. The smallest school in the network is 300 students and the largest around 710 students and growing. Many have plans to open additional locations”.
Forte is keen to speak to AMA members who might be looking for opportunities to benefit from Forte’s model. Current business partners can be viewed at: and for more information call Paul Myatt on 0412 982169.