COVID19 Update – Victoria Enters Short-term Lockdown – Non Essential Retail to Close Until February 18

On the advice of public health experts, the whole of Victoria will move to a short-lock down from 11:59pm tonight until 11:59pm on Wednesday, 17 February.

Victoriasns are back to Stage 4 restrictions – a full descriptions of these can be downloaded at the DHHS site at this link

This means there will be four reasons for Victorians to leave their home: shopping for the things you need, care and caregiving, exercise and work, if it is essential.

And as with Stage 4 restrictions, all non-essential retail will close, but essential stores like supermarkets, bottle shops and pharmacies will remain open. Cafes and restaurants will only be able to offer take-away.

Victoria’s music stores must close their doors to customers as per the restrictions. Howevevr, online orders will still be taken and click and deliver services are permitted. Contactless Click and collect services may apply for some businesses. Stores will be still able to take phone enquiries as usual in most cases.

A list of essential providers is as follows:

Essential providers

  1. A supermarket, grocery store, bakery, butcher, fruit and vegetable store or fishmonger; or
  2. an indoor or outdoor market, but only to obtain groceries or fresh food; or
  3. a restaurant, café, pub, bar or hotel, whether licensed or unlicensed, but only to the extent that:
    • it provides takeaway meals or drinks or a meal delivery service; or
    • it provides food or drink to the homeless
  4. a bottleshop; or
  5. a financial institution; or
  6. consular and diplomatic services; or
  7. court, tribunal or commission services;
  8. a post office; or
  9. a news agent; or
  10. a pharmacy; or
  11. a petrol station (including a petrol station that sells groceries); or
  12. vehicle and mechanical repair services; or
  13. a pet store or veterinary clinic; or
  14. urgent services necessary for the health and safety of any person, animal or premises; or
  15. essential child protection activities
  16. a childcare or family day care provider; or
  17. a school, but only to the extent that education services are provided to the child of an essential worker or to vulnerable children

18. a ‘click and deliver’ service.

Logisitical services will continue to operate.