O’Loughlin Family hands over the reigns to US parent Company

O’Loughlin has been a name associated with Fender Musical Instruments since the 60’s when Peter O’Loughlin acquired the distribution rights from CBS. After his untimely passing, his wife, Margaret and their son David have built and maintained the iconic brand’s market position for over 35 years. Peter O’Loughlin was a founding member of the AMA back in 1977. Margaret, also a past-president of the AMA, will enjoy a well earned retirement and  the AMA wishes her. David and the family well for the future, and we thank them for what they have done for music and the industry. The O’Loughlin family will say goodbye to their Botany office on July 31.

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Margaret & David O’Loughlin

At it’s Melbourne dealer meeting to announce the change in business, Fender’s CEO, Andy Mooney, promised business as usual in Australia, with an increased commitment to marketing the Fender brand, including common global release dates of new product and a significant investment in and focus on social media and online marketing. He maintained the guitar business had a bright future with demand for quality and innovative products becoming stronger over the last year.


Andy Mooney, CEO, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation, Edward ‘Bud’ Cole, President, Fender Asia, Margaret & David O’Loughlin and Mark Van Vleet, Chief Legal officer/Senior VP of Business Development, FMIC



FMIC’s official press release follows:

New Subsidiary To Manage All FMIC Brands in Australia

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.  (July 12, 2016) – Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced today that its recently established subsidiary, Fender Music Australia Pty Ltd. (“Fender Music Australia”), will launch on August 1, 2016 and begin direct-to-dealer operations in an effort to streamline growth and strategic direction within the market. Fender Music Australia will manage all aspects of FMIC’s brands directly in Australia and will ultimately report to Edward “Bud” Cole, Fender President, Asia.  In addition to the seamless operational transition, Fender Music Australia will bring an even closer alignment with FMIC’s global strategies, particularly in Marketing, Artist Relations and Sales Support. Local dealers and consumers will not experience any change or disruption in daily business operations.

For more than 30 years, Fender Australia Pty Ltd, FMIC’s distributor, led by Director David O’Loughlin and Managing Director Margaret O’Loughlin, worked closely with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation and its predecessors to create a world-class distribution business in Australia.

“I’m pleased to announce that FMIC will take another important step forward in the Asia Pacific region following the successful transition of our business in Japan to direct-to-dealer last year,” said Andy Mooney, Fender CEO. “We’re excited about the opportunity to grow on the foundation that Fender Australia built.”

“FMIC would like to give special thanks and recognition to the executive management of Fender Australia who have been unparalleled stewards and champions of FMIC’s brands over the years,” said Edward “Bud” Cole, Fender President of Asia. “Fender Music Australia is committed to building on the legacy built by the O’Loughlins and creating even more excitement and growth for dealers and consumers in years to come.”

FMIC currently has a presence in over 14 countries with manufacturing facilities in the United States and Mexico and international operations in Australia, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, Canada, China, Japan, Ireland and Mexico.

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