Free Cyber Security Risk Checks in Victoria

30th October 2023

This is an offer to AMA members from our friends at Communications and Information Technology Training Ltd (CITT).

Are you a Small to Medium Business (SMB) operating in Victoria and wondering what your Cyber Security risk would look like?

We are seeking SMB’s who would like to participate in a Cyber Security Risk analysis project in Victoria that is supported by TITAB, Microsoft, ADTIA, Victorian TAFE’s, NAB and the Victorian State Government. CITT have been funded by the Victorian Government to support Victorian Business in identifying basic Cyber Risks to their operations. This project will provide access to TAFE Resources to complete the task.

We know your time is precious, but so is your business data, if you can spare a few hours over 2 days then please nominate your business to participate in this important project.

What is Involved?

Analysis tools developed by Government are available online so that
small to medium businesses can do their own cyber risk analysis,
however…. Who has the time to use them?…. We do !

Victorian TAFE colleges are offering to carry out cyber risk assessments
on your businesses as a free service.

There is no access to your internal networks or IT systems required at all.
The analysis activity revolves around determining if your external facing
website is configured according to international standards and if your
internal business processes and procedures are best practice.

What do I need to do?

If interested you will need to contact us to register your interest and additional detailed information can then be provided to you.

Alternatively you can simply call us and have a quick chat about any specific questions you have such as:

  • more details on the process,
  • what will be supplied to you at the end of the analysis,
  • Confidentiality
  • Timing

Further Information

For more detailed information and discussions please contact the
Manager of the project at CITT: Mr. Gabriel Giofre at:


Phone: 03 9631 0800