Instrument Technicians Feature in Oscar Winning Doco

19th March 2024

A 40 minute short documentary has won an Oscar for ‘Documentary Short’. The Last Repair Shop takes a look behind the scenes at the people working in the Los Angeles Unified School District repair shop. 

 In a nondescript warehouse in the heart of Los Angeles, a dwindling handful of devoted craftspeople maintain over 80,000 student musical instruments, the largest remaining workshop in America of its kind. Meet four unforgettable characters whose broken-and-repaired lives have been dedicated to bringing so much more than music to the schoolchildren of the recording capital of the world.

Musical instrument technicians play an important role in our industry, and there is currently a skills shortages (in some areas, an acute shortage) in this profession.

Watch “The Last Repair Shop,” directed by Ben Proudfoot and Kris Bowers