2018 Melbourne Guitar Show Proves Guitar is Alive and Well

The Melbourne Guitar Show was back last weekend bigger and better than ever, with very healthy attendance of just on 5,000 people, robust sales and first class exhibits. “The AMA is pleased that the Melbourne Guitar Show has become somewhat of an institution over the last four years”, said Organiser, Rob Walker. “In the face of a robust commentary that the guitar is dying, the show refuses to acknowledge this, and in fact provides evidence that the instrument is as popular as ever, and being played in more ways than ever”. “The talent on display was amazing as were the new guitar products on show”.

The AMA’s media outlet Australian Musician again presented and covered the show in its glory over the weekend – you can check out daily reviews for Saturday and Sunday at these links



The legendary Albert Lee was our very special guest at this year’s show

We hope a new star is born in Charlie Bedford

Sydney band Rackett rocked the Whammy Bar

Aussie guitar royalty! Jack Jones, Shannon Bourne and Brett Garsed

An impressive display from Eastman Guitars along with many others

KC’ Rock Shop joined a dozen local retailers in displaying to the public