Federal Government announce Parliamentary Inquiry into the Music Industry

What do you think the industry needs? What does it need to sustain itself. Until September 21 the federal government wants to know and is calling for submissions into the music industry.

What is the role of music products industry in this process? Do you have a view?

This inquiry appears to look at what the musicians need to be more commercially viable here and in overseas markets. How musicians make income in the digital world, live performance opportunities including festivals and events one could imagine are topics of interest.

Should members wish to make their views known to the AMA, we are pleased to make a submission on behalf of our industry, or if you wish to make your own, you can do so online.

Submissions are being sought by Friday, 21 September 2018. Submissions can be made online or by emailing communications.reps@aph.gov.au
For information about the inquiry visit the committee’s webpage at: www.aph.gov.au/communications

You can read the full press release here 20180815 – Media Release – Launch of inquiry into Australian music industry

A summary of what the inquiry seeks to establish was proffered in the Melbourne Age