GST To Be Charged on All Imports By 2017

The Government has announced that it will remove the GST exemption for overseas imports under $1,000.

As has been reported consistently in our news posts, the AMA has been instrumental in this campaign from the beginning and together with The Australian Retailers Association, Civic Group and our sister organisations from other wholesale/retail industries we have lobbied at both state and federal levels and on both sides of politics.

We have supported our members with resources to advocate for this change and many businesses played their role in voicing their concerns at the unlevel playing field created by this loophole in the law for Australian retailers competing with overseas sellers.

This result is even more gratifying considering the change of position we have seen from many of the key players in this debate. It gives you an insight into the machinations of government.

As always the devil is in the detail and we will monitor the progress of this reform.

My thanks to all our colleagues who’ve been involved in this initiative which could only have been achieved by the hard work of industry associations such as our own.

The Australian Retailers Association released the following PR to herald the announcement ARA WELCOMES ABOLITION OF OVERSEAS GST FREE THRESHOLD

While the time-frame is disappointing, the abolishment of a threshold altogether is to be welcomed. Our industry will be allowed to compete in a fairer online trading environment.