Make Music Day 2019 Expands to National Event

As members will know, the AMA in partnership with NAMM Foundation, APRA AMCOS, and the Live Music Office has lead the establishment of Make Music Day Australia on the cultural calendar. In 2019 our participation increased by over 50% with significant alliances being forged and grown.

The beauty of Make Music Day is the whether you’re a professional musician, part of a community group, an avid music enthusiast or just a passer-by on the street, Make Music Day is free and open to one and all!

Launched in 1982 in France as the Fête de la Musique, Make Music Day is a day of community-led free musical expression now held annually on 21 June in more than 800 cities in 120 countries.

The AMA’s CEO Rob Walker said “we have are thrilled to have had such support in this second year. An event of this scope has been done on the smell of an oily rag these first two years and we are confident that people in high places are seeing the enormous cultural value of a celebratory event like Make Music Day”.

For our industry it provides inspiration and opportunities for the community. Aptly put by one supporter “I work more so in the community arts sector and think that Make Music Day is an incredible opportunity to mobilise and inspire people who may not be part of the ‘professional music industry’ and can be an accessible platform for these cohorts to connect with music in a more community friendly environment”.

Schools got involved too! here’s one very endearing example.

We are thrilled with the support of Create NSW one of our major communication partners in 2019. Create NSW is an exemplar in how government can be so influential in creating positive cultural initiatives such as Make Music Day. From feature international events like the live streaming project with Sydney Symphony Orchestra to music on trains and in Stations.

This video is a highlights reel of our involvement in the international streaming party.

One can imagine very easily what it would achieve if our whole country were united on one day to Make Music together. This is what Make Music Day is all about.