Make Music Day!

Make Music Day is the annual celebration of music making, where everybody can create
their own stage and share one of our most cherished social and artistic activities. On
Wednesday, 21 st June, Make Music Day will come to life again across Australia and the
rest of the world.

Curious Rendition Orchestra Wollongong (CROW), performing for Make Music Day

Originating over 40 years ago as a national day of music in France, known as Fete de la
Musique, this global phenomenon has people from all walks of live coming together in
music making. The Australian Music Association coordinates the campaign in Australia,
working with partners around the world on global music making projects.

Kate Ceberano, Lee Kernaghan, Lloyd Spiegel, Katie Noonan, and Catherine Alcorn are
among the Make Music Ambassadors that have supported the campaign, encouraging
Australians everywhere to get together and make music. Another Ambassador, Megan
Washington, said “Music is at the core of my life, so Make Music Day is important to me.
Now more than ever we know the power that music has to connect, inspire, energize and
soothe – it’s a way to communicate, to explore and celebrate ourselves”.

Alex Masso is the Executive Officer of the Australian Music Association and plays with
ARIA-nominated jazz group The Vampires. “Music making is something that resonates
with people all over the world, it takes so many different forms and there are many musical
languages to share but there really is a musical path for anybody that chooses to follow it,”
said Alex. “We have everything from people producing music at home to community
bands, orchestras and choirs, street concerts, students, professionals, everyone can get

On Make Music Day, a community band inspired by folk and non-western music is playing
in the street in Wollongong, while kids from all over Orange are getting together for a
concert at the local Conservatorium. Bands from the Bondi WAVE program are playing at
the Bondi Pavillion in the afternoon, there will be music at the Gunnedah Chamber of
Commerce breakfast, the kids at Broome North Public School will present a lunchtime
concert for their friends. A ukulele group will be playing on a train in Lithgow, and
Parramatta Square will be full of music throughout the day. It’s an all day, everywhere
music festival for whoever wants to get involved.

One of the features of Make Music Day over the past few years has been international
projects. This year, “Make Music, Make Friends” is a new project connecting primary
school classes around the world through music. Ten schools in Australia are each
partnered with several schools around the world, who will share a simple greeting and
musical offering to each other. Another international project is the Global Livestream,
where local performances on Make Music Day will be shared with the world in Australia’s
one hour presentation at 9pm, followed by China, India, Cyprus, Turkiye, Italy, UK, Kenya,
followed by local Make Music Day events in Lagos, Atlanta and Milwaukee.

Anybody can register an event for Make Music Day, the guiding principles are that events
are held on 21 st June, they are free to attend, and involve music making of some kind.
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