Member Update: October 2022 Federal Budget

26th October 2022

The first budget of the Albanese Government was handed down yesterday. There are several initiatives that interact with AMA members’ interests.

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Portfolio / Policy / page number Announcement Notes
Schools Upgrade Fund
The Government will provide $270.8 million over two years from 2022–23 to implement the Schools Upgrade Fund to provide grants to support capital works projects for upgrades to school equipment and to improve ventilation in classrooms to keep students and school staff safe following disruptions caused by COVID-19.
School infrastructure funding could potentially flow to music resources (facilities, equipment). This is not yet clear.

There is no policy to specifically address issues with music education.

Employment & Workplace Relations
Paid Family and Domestic Violence Leave – small business assistance
The Government will provide $3.4 million over 4 years from 2022–23 to support the development and delivery of education, technical advice and support services targeting the needs of small business employers to support the implementation of the Government’s election commitment to legislate 10 days of paid family and domestic violence leave.
The funding is for the transition to the new system, including advice and support services, not funding for the leave itself (which is paid by employers).
Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development, Communications and the Arts
Australian Communications and Media Authority – spectrum management
The Government will provide $27.7 million over 5 years from 2022–23 (including $15.3 million in capital funding) for the Australian Communications and Media Authority to deliver a new spectrum management system and auction capability for spectrum licences.
AMA’s Cultural Policy submission called for broadcast spectrum, particular the 600mhz band, to be maintained for cultural use.

Refer to ACETA’s submission on the Five Year Spectrum Outlook (in 2021) for more detail on the current situation

Supporting the Arts
The Government will provide $36.8 million over 4 years from 2022–23 (and $1.0 million per year ongoing) to support the arts sector.
Funding includes:
• $22.0 million in 2022–23 to establish a Live Performance Support Fund to support eligible live event organisers affected by COVID-19.
There are several other measures not mentioned here.

We expect the National Cultural Policy to be released later this year.

This $22m is repurposed from the final round of RISE (arts funding initiated during the pandemic) by the previous government. It appears to be a similar initiative..

Social Services
Jobs and Skills Summit – incentivise pensioners into the workforce
The Government will provide $61.9 million over two years from 2022–23 to provide age and veterans pensioners a once off credit of $4,000 to their Work Bonus income bank. The temporary income bank top up will increase the amount pensioners can earn in 2022–23 from $7,800 to $11,800, before their pension is reduced, supporting pensioners who want to work or work more hours to do so without losing their pension.
Supporting Small Business Owners p193
The Government will provide $15.1 million over two calendar years from 1 January 2023 until 31 December 2024 to extend the Small Business Debt Helpline and the NewAccess for Small Business Owners programs to support the financial and mental wellbeing of small business owners.

Other announcements:

  • Maintaining tax deductions announced in this year’s (first) budget:  the Technology Investment Boost and Skills and Training Boost providing an extra 20% deduction.
  • 26 weeks’ Paid Parental Leave
  • Additional funding for child care ($4.7 billion in funding across four years)
  • Energy efficiency grants expected to cost $62.6 million over three years
  • A commitment to the Buy Australian Plan to support Australian businesses to compete more effectively

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