Music Education Policy From Victorian Liberals

26th October 2022

The Victorian Shadow Minister for Education David Hodgett MP has announced the Victorian Liberals’ Music Education Policy as part of the Victorian election campaign.

“There is so much evidence highlighting the academic, social and emotional benefits to students in having access to a quality music education,” said Hodgett. “This is an important step by the Liberals and Nationals in ensuring our children receive the best education in the nation.”

The $50 million policy announcement includes:

  • Introducing sequential, continuous music education in Victorian state primary schools;
  • Development of a Victorian primary school music curriculum that focuses on the sequential and continuous development of music skills;
  • Provision of high-quality sample lesson plans for primary school music teachers;
  • Review of the secondary school music curriculum;
  • Development in partnership with universities for specific primary school music education courses to allow for a pipeline of primary school music teachers;
  • Funding of musical instruments for schools;
  • Scholarships for future talented musicians.

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