NSW Back to School Vouchers

November 2022

The NSW Government has announced a new voucher program for back to school expenses. Among the list of items you might expect (stationary, uniforms etc), musical instruments are specifically listed as an eligible expense and the ‘other’ retail ANZSIC that includes musical instrument retail is listed as an eligible business type. Several members have told us that the process is fairly quick and easy.

There will be 3 x $50 vouchers, totalling $150 for each eligible child.

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Eligible expenses

  • School uniforms, including:
    1. shoes and socks
    2. hats, and
    3. sports uniform and shoes.
  • School equipment, including:
    1. school bags
    2. lunch boxes
    3. drink bottles
    4. umbrellas and/or raincoats
    5. necessary protective equipment (for students enrolled in specialised classes such as chemistry, who may require goggles or a lab coat), or
    6. tools or equipment specific to sports or other programs (for students participating in sports, art or musical classes, who may require sporting gear, art supplies or musical instruments).
  • School-prescribed textbooks or other reading material.
  • Lesson resources (such as art diaries, major work materials, elective subject resources)
  • Other stationery, including but not limited to:
    1. exercise books
    2. pens/pencils
    3. coloured pencils/crayons
    4. textas/highlighters
    5. erasers
    6. pencil cases
    7. rulers
    8. sharpeners
    9. glue
    10. scissors
    11. calculators, or
    12. geometry sets.

Eligible ANZSIC codes

Code Industry
1351 Clothing Manufacturing
3736 Paper Product Wholesaling
4110 Supermarket and grocery stores
4251 Clothing retailing
4252 Footwear retailing
4259 Other personal accessory retailing (luggage/bags)
4260 Department stores
4244 Newspaper and book retailing
4272 Stationery goods retailing
4273 Antique and Used Goods Retailing
4279 Other store-based retailing n.e.c. (craft supplies, musical instruments)
5101 Postal services
9559 Other interest group services n.e.c. (P&C/NfP)
8021 Primary education
8022 Secondary education
8023 Combined primary and secondary education
8024 Special school education