Make Music Day 2022 – Update for Members

Make Music Day Australia logoThe AMA is well into planning for 2022 Make Music Day. A free DIY event, for the people by the people, cries out for musicians of all genres and standards to Create Your Own Stage.
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Katie Noonan

Make Music Day Ambassador, Katie Noonan


Joining Kate Ceberano, Jack Howard, Lee Kernaghan, Andy Baylor and Sarah Carroll as Make Music Day Ambassadors this year are Katie Noonan (above), Megan Washington, Lloyd Spiegel (below), Bob Spencer, Catherine Alcorn and Barry Conrad.

Make Music Day Australia is about music making in the community. Our main strategy for delivery of the concept is an outreach campaign to a wide variety of groups, individuals, schools, universities, local councils, key music industry bodies and organisations to encourage participation and connect various stakeholders where possible.

The key benefit to our industry is that Make Music Day is a three-month messaging campaign about making music, culminating in a day of celebration on JUNE 21.

AMA members can get involved in any number of ways, for example:

  • Promoting MMD through social media, in advance and on the day
  • Supporting a local music event
  • Organising an instore activity (such as free lessons or a livestream) on June 21.
  • See our guides and resources for more information and ideas, social tiles, press releases, logos, posters and more.

Make Music Day Ambassador, Lloyd Spiegel

The pandemic may have stifled live music over the last two years, but our vision remains solid to see the concept grow and become engrained in local community activities in the future.

With the support of industry and government partnerships we have been brokering connections with significant music, education and state and local government organisations to hold events and activities. Make Music Day is about participation, but it is dependent on in-kind support such as communications and awareness-raising of the concept and establishing connections between various stakeholders to facilitate the organisation of events and activities.